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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp is one of the best messenger apps used for text messages, images, video, audio, and files. It’s like a text message service available to download for Mac and Windows users. It uses the internet to run.

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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks, Watools App

It’s quite popular among teenagers as it has amazing features like voice messages and calls, group chatting, location sharing, and more. It’s more than a mere text messaging app. It has more than two billion users across the world. It’s absolutely free. It became quite popular as It allows you to make calls to anyone in the world.

WhatsApp tricks
In spite of several features being offered by WhatsApp to its users, there are certain restrictions that would annoy users while accessing it. We, in this post, offer users WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to common issues.

Checking WhatsApp numbers: With help of the Check WhatsApp numbers Tool, you can verify whether a number exists on WhatsApp or not. All you have to do is just opt for the country code and mention the contact number, tap the Check button. You will get whether a phone with a contact number uses WhatsApp or not.

Checking WhatsApp online Status: With help of the Check WhatsApp online status Tool, you can verify any contact numbers WhatsApp online status at any time. It’s quite easy to find the status of the contact number with this tool. Just enter the contact number and tap the Check online status button to get the results.

Downloading Profile Picture: It used to be hard to download one’s profile picture. However, with Download WhatsApp Profile Picture Tool, you can download anyones’ WhatsApp profile picture subject to privacy settings. Enter the contact number, tap on the Get profile button and download it.
Sending Anonymous messages: Would you like to send messages to someone who even doesn’t know you. Now, with the help of the Send WhatsApp anonymous message Tool, you can send messages to an unknown person online. In addition to texts, images can be sent.

New whatsapp tricks for android

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WhatsApp Web is the best choice you can make use of on the computer. You will have most of WhatsApps’ functions on a computer rather than mobiles’ version of WhatsApp.

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