Top 5 Highly Useful Best Android Apps

Hi friends welcome to the APK download, in this new article we are telling the 5 Android apps for your android smartphones.

Download the 5 Android Apps

All apps available in play store and you can install here from also so if you don’t have time to search in play store use the below added links.


  1. Morphin
  2. Introbit
  3. Copy text on screen
  4. Screenple
  5. 3D wallpaper parallax


You can make a gif easily with photos, if you want to create gifs this android apps is best so you can download from the below link

Download the link.


Very useful app to create best introduction video with our album photos, you can add background songs easily.

Download the app now.

Copy text on Screen

You can copy the text on the screen

Download the app now.

Screenple App

Screen shot app without confusion.

Download the app.

3D wallpaper parallax App

Best app for 3d wallpapers

Download the app now.


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