Top 5 Android Apps Download

Hi friends welcome to this, in this fresh article we collected 5 best apps, you can download after read the features, so if you want to know features of the apps just read 5he article.

Top 5 Best Android Apps

In this post 5 apps are taken from various categories because you can use for various works.

List is

  1. Pk film master App
  2. Microsoft edge App
  3. Doublicate face swap
  4. Activity bubbles app
  5. Google Play crisper App

Now I will explain features after that you can download the app.

Pk film master App

Very interesting and trending app to create awesome videos which are look like a movie trailers, use your album photos make a video with background music. Webcam use any songs and select favourite sample video and place the photos in that video template.

Download the app now. Click here

Microsoft edge App

Next best app is Microsoft edge, this app size 86 mb, the download link below inserted. In android Microsoft tool is very special so this uses for many works, if wan to know more about watch our video.

Click here to download the app. Download

Doublicate face swap App

You can create gifs, meme with your face, if don’t know how to create watch our video, there are many options, many gifs so you can download easily.

Download the app now.

Activity bubbles app

Another best app is activity bubbles app, this can control while using technology, this is an expirment to control the technology.

Download the app now.

Final app is

Google Play crisper App

This is our final app so you can download and enjoy the feature of the app.

Download the app, click here

I hope you love all apps with heartfuly, if any questions ask us.


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