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In this new article you are getting Excited apps for smart phones. smart apps are so much helpful for all lovely android smartphone users. Because this is a short cut way to access use more sources. If you look at this article you will get 5 apps.

Top 5 best wonderful apps for Android, if you want more, click here

5 Android Apps For Android Smartphone

  • Super sound free music editor app
  • Self Destructing Text Message App
  • Made in India scanner app
  • Simple text widget app
  • Wide Launcher app

Super sound free music editor app

Best music editor app, you can make simple ringtones easily, at free of cost. No limits.

So many features developed in this app with less size.

Audio to video, you customise in all ways.

Try the app now. Download

Ramnia App

This is very secure option to send messages very confidentially. You can get very Secure option.

No one can understand. Really nice technology.  Download the app.

Made In India Scanner App

Scan and get the details through the scan. This option now commonly adding on every product, so you check or compare, details, like country, etc.


Simple Text Widget App

You can customise your widget with nicely with this developed app. Smart applications can do many things, so you have to utilise them in proper way.

More styles are available in This app, choose and apply.


Wide Launcher app

You can arrange your home screen so much Attractively. Use this application.

Alot features are waiting for you.

Best feature is you can add icons, frames, backgrounds, etc.

Download the app.

Bonus App

Bonus app is a game. This is pretty interesting app to play on Smartphone, basically in olden days most popular games. Unlimited levels are created in Thai game.

Download the app game.

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