Tips To Speed Up Your Android Phone Without Hanging, Heating

In these days we are getting a question from people, how to use my android phone without hanging and heating while using. Another question is bro my phone hanging suddenly, how can use my phone safely?

Present this is one of the suspicious questions for all android phone users. If you are using any kind of phone no problem, this article can help you to stop hanging and heating, so read the paper without scroll down.

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After practical research, we are providing the best 3 tips to stop hanging your phone, so guys read and follow the tips.

The Best 3 Tips To Avoid Hanging & Heating

I hope this article will give better results to you.

Why your phone hanging?

There some different causes,

  1. Storage.
  2. Ram 
  3. Battery health.

Those are some main causes, If you control them you can use the phone without hanging.

Also, we will give some app links they will protect your phone.

To safely use your mobile you must change some daily activities.


  • This is the main part of your phone, so you must have clean it often.
  • If there are any gunk and unwanted files delete them immediately.
  • Remove unwanted videos, applications, downloads, unwanted files, empty files, and multiple files, etc.
  • If you want to clean your storage(ROM) there is an application download it from below.

App name & info

Empty folder App Download

Duplicate file remover Download


Most of the peoples don’t know about RAM, RAM is a major part of the mobile so we must aware of it. RAM decides our phone speed, so we have to remove unwanted things that are given below.

Use inbuilt security  app, clear cache, and junk files, close unwanted tabs, Reboot one time per day
  • We must clear the tabs.
  • Stop doing multiple tasks at the same time.

Battery Health

We have to take care of the battery, this is also one of the cause.

  • Stop using mobile data or wi-fi all day.
  • Don’t use more time camera.
  • Stop rooting your device unwantedly.
  • Check any malware attack and remove them immediately.
  • Some times bright wallpaper and live wallpaper causes to heat the phone.

If the above reasons have not happened, it means your mobile hardware problem so solve that from service centers.

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