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Hi friends, how are you doing all. Link File Share app is free productivity app for Android smartphones. Do you know how the app will helps you, in which time? The of this question pretty interesting one, the app use for sometimes, in that time the save you from frauds.

Send anywhere file sharing app. Related app.

Link File Share App

In this digital world everything controlling by mobile phone either android, iOS, windows. Apps also major in the phone. You can use the app for very quick works, to do smart works.

Sometimes you must send an important image or file with high securely, if you send like a normal message file, every one can grab the details.

To avoid like this problem, whizpool developers brought link file Share app for Android.

Send a file like a link, with high securely. Secure means protected by a hard password. The created password protection by you, so you reveal after its reaches the correct place.

In most cases you have to download the file, but link share app generated link, gives the file.

Best Feature App

I am exploring some best features from this app.

  • Share multiple file at same time
  • Password protection with limit time.
  • You can select the link time, once it’s reached the limit you can open file.
  • No band width required.
  • Send any file easily, without considering the internet speed.
  • You can maintain the record to check links whom sent you.
  • App size 30 MB.

Download the App.

How To Download  Teh Link File Share App

Use download the app link, wait a while until Successfully Download and installation.

Very simple step, you can get the app by searching in playstore.

App latest version 1.0.9

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