10 Tips Of Google Keyboard

Google LLC company developed a tool which is google keyboard. This tool providing the best features to our mobiles, here you can know all the details below.

  1. Stickers
  2. Gif
  3. Emojis
  4. Capital letter setting
  5. Browsing
  6. Voice search
  7. One hand mode
  8. Floating window
  9. Language translator
  10. Themes and images.

Now we will see one by one of their uses.

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Top 10 Tricks Of Google Keyboard


Nowadays people sending their thoughts and emotions are as stickers in their chat conversations.

You can add stickers easily without installing any other app.


You can select all kind of Emojis on google keyboard and No need to download the different apps from play store.


There are a lot of GIF videos available you can access all from one place on google keyboard.

Capital letter setting

This is an important setting, so you can know how to set a capital letter for starting words, watch the video to know more.


You can browse anything on the internet with g keyboard, no need to use others.

Voice search

Voice search is more useful for illiterates they can easily ask anything on the internet. This option also available on g keyboard.

One Hand Mode

We can simply set up one hand mode on google keyboard. If you are in busy you can use this mode.

Language Translator

If you are unable to read any sentence or words you can immediately turn on this Language translator. All language translate option available, YOu can easily convert one language to another easily.

Themes and images

You can easily set background images and selected themes easily. Color setting option also available.

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