The Best 5 Apps For Your Daily Tech Life

Hi friends, welcome back to another the best 5 Android apps post, here you look 5 different topics covered apps which useful in our day to day tech life. Just know benifits of app now, try when this app need to complete your work. in one category many apps are competing, in that reason you have to use best apps to complete your work safely. All apps are not geniune so check out top 5 tutorial then install.

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The Best Tech 5 Android Apps For Android

Everybody know some popular daily using apps, as well there are so many high worth hidden apps, which are unknown, only using by some people, to give better awareness of Android apps we sort 5 apps, get ready to check them. Now check list.

  • Arloopa ar camera 3d scanner app
  • Audio tube app
  • Vidchic app
  • Edge card launcher app
  • Fun offline games app

Now we will know briefly about each app and their uses.

Arloopa AR Camera 3D Scanner Application

Arloooa is a Wonderful application, through this app you can enjoy reality 3d world in your mobile. Let’s check how to use this app perticulally is there any settings required to use this app smoothly. After Installation complete, open and select category, select object then scan your place to fix the object, it may be world ?, dinosaur, cat, atoms, chemical, etc. You can teach with real 3 d world technology, techer can prepare 3d mode videos to explain students.

Very simple application, i like it. You likeit also, click here to install. 4.4 rating, 64 mb size.

Second app.

Audio Tube app

Music player all with some exciting features which not available in all music apps, in this music player you can listen videos doing some on other screen, it works like audio player, you can get without ads. You can listen any video, no restrictions or requirements are asked. Lakh above downloads.

Click here to get the app.

Vidchic base App

Vidchic uses:- This app provides additional auto beautiful effects to your videos and images without coding and using other softwares, easy method to make style videos. Just upload videos get awesome output.


4 th application,

Check here to download the app.

Edge Card Launcher App

Awesome application, this app features are really awesome to acess out mobile features like contacts, settings, music, flash light, notifications, etc.

Try edge launcher to access your favourite options and daily using apps anywhere on the screen, just swipe at screen edge , complete your task.


Click here to get the app.

Fun offline games App

All age people games are available here without internet. Through this app you can play plenty of games freely and fastly without internet connection, and no need to give permission to play games. Really amazing app, try now. Don’t regret to play in offline mode. All offline mode games available, young, children, big gamers etc. Sports, puzzle, casual games category listed.

Download the app first.

You do enjoy, after that share with your friends. Thank you.

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