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Download File sharing app with good eating 4.7 out of 5. App name is send Anywhere, this app designed with many best features for all Android mobile users, in This article I’m going to show you how to download this app, using, etc. This post contains all information about file Sharing app.

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Send Anywhere App Description

File Sharing is best option and useful for everyone this service.

This sharing option included with too many high features, now we will discuss about this app.

You can anything from anywhere easily, one time limit 50 GB.

50 GB is not a small size so we can use this feature now through this best send Anywhere application. this app got good response from users.

Speed, good service, app design everything is fine.

You can watch our video to know more information.

What kind of feature do you like, like that features are listed in this app. I hope you like this service. Many people can utilize because they want to transfer files.

You can create 1TB link easily.

No need internet connection, offline transfer sharing. Unlimited file sharing feature is here.

This feature when useful to is, while moving large file that time, you can connect to the your PC.

How To Download Send Anywhere Application

To Download sharing app, you can get through play store, or through Google search results. If you follow our given link you can install this app easily without any additional steps.

Download send Anywhere app.

Send Anywhere App Features

  • All type of files can be transferred here.
  • You can send anytime from anywhere.
  • You can transfer big files easily without any charges, even without internet connection.
  • App size 22 MB only, 10 M + Download.
  • You can send multiple people at a time.
  • Developer mentioned that you can direct contact them.
  • Apk file sending option.
  • Version 20.7.20.

Final Words: leave a comment if any problem, also like and share our page with your friends. I hope this app features will helps you.

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