Bridge Apps – Get Mirror Notification

This new application acts as a bridge to connect to all your Android devices and computers. Bridge-mirror notifications are also available for your device.

Having trouble finding your texts, calls or WhatsApp notifications while browsing your favorite devices like computer, tablet, your smart watch?

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bridge app

Bridge – Mirror Notifications App

On Android 9 and lower devices, everything can be shared in an easy integration process like a clipboard.

Signing for All notifications you receive are encrypted end-to-end for security.

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Bridge Mirror Main Characters, Try

1.Mirror your notifications to other Android devices
2. Reply, Like, Delete etc. directly from any other device
3. Clipboard sharing – facility. (Android 9 and below only)
4. Two-way sync – all your devices interact easily with each other A lifetime license is only $ 3.99.

* All types of notification actions are supported. These work especially well on local Android applications.
* Google Messages does not support actions for the web application or similar web applications. Download
* Other devices that are side loaded around the Play Store may not support Bridge. It also includes Amazon devices.

However it works great and is very easy to set up on all devices, great app in performance!
Enjoy using !!

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