Top 5 Rare High useful Android Applications

Hi, friends, welcome to top 5 rare high useful android application paper. 5 apps for you my dears tech lovers, all apps have different features. finding best apps is a big task, we are helping you, check this 5 apps list. already we have introduced top 5 photo editing apps, look that page once, if you want photo editing apps. Now we are again here with 5 apps, may be you never used such apps.

5 Rare Apps, Android best Applications

5 apps list, check all apps, if you used any one among them, mentioned that one in comment section. Main uses with app details completely inserted here.

Jiggy: Full Body Swap Videos & Reface GIFs:-

First and best app to make fun with your friends and others photos, use 100 + dance templates, You can add any photo to make fun or surprise. many of you don’t know like this app.  already used like this app, please share your experience. Fake dance fun videos creating app. No need to high manual editing, or coding. simple steps are there, every one can make.

Imges to video converter app, jiggy. unlimited reface videos. sometimes we have to use like this apps. so this app size only 55 MB, 3.9 Rating. Download

  • Jiggy: Full Body Swap Videos & Reface GIFs
  • Launcher for Mac style (PRO)
  • Tooloogle – Smart Utility Tools in Single App
  • Applore – Device Manager
  • Hunk tv 

Launcher For Mac Style Pro APP for Android

This is launcher app, this launcher gives mac interface style for android phones, try this simple app. personalisation category app. Good launcher, 4.4 rating. simple design styles. freely customization options. Download launcher. size only 7.4 MB.

Tooloogle – Smart Utility Tools in Single App

One app many tools. New tools you see in this app. age calculator, gold purity checker, URL decoder, All math calculation calculators, etc. 5.1 MB, many good options for you from tooloogle app. try on your mobile, 5 MB not heavy. download the app.

Applore Device Manager

Very helpful app, we have to say thanks to this app developers. This app protects our phones form dangerous, virus, spy apps, etc. To avoid such bad activities, use this app. app size 13 MB, protecting app. to know more open our tutorial. download the app.

HUnktv App

FInal 5 th app, hunk tv app. to watch web series, movies, in online. Online streaming app, live tv, sports, trending web series, you can request for movies. download the app 

Check all apps, if you like them, share with your friends.

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