5 Typical Apps To Use In Android Phones

These apps also useful for us every day, also called as typical apps like browser app, photo editing app, games app etc. Each nd every android smartphone users will use apps and games as well as why don’t you use best apps, today I’m sharing with best 5 Android apps.

5 Android Apps Download Now

Get apps list :

  • Net blocker
  • Tor browser
  • Volume styles custmise
  • Pics app photo
  • Fun game box

Net Blocker App

Net blocker app is high security provides to your personal data, do yoy know how?.

Simple, this app stops providing the internet to access the app on this way you will not data loose, also you can protect your self.

Another feature is no need to root your phone.

Download the app and select the app and stop allowing internet to perticular app.

Download the app net blocker.

Tor Browser App

High security browsing app, if any body wan to use better app try this tor browser app.

Download the tor browser.

Volume styles customise App

Stop pressing on your volume button strat managing from your screen, in this way you can increase life span of volume buttons, many people don’t know this app use now.

Also you can manage ringtone, music volume, etc.

Download the app now.


You can clean your notification place with this notisave app, this app save all notification from apps after that you can read when you get free time, you can focus on your work effectively.

Download the app.

Final app is

Fun Game Box

With 7.5 MB size you can play best game including select option, play from fun game box app.

Download fun gamebox app.



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