Best Comic Game For Android, Subway Jungle Run Surf Runner

Hi, friends, subway jungle run game, this is an comic category based game, now this game available at free of cost, limit time, I’m not assure about days. If anybody like to play comic games on android under 100 mb size try this game.

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Subway jungle Run Surf Comic Game For Android

This is Like temple run game, run and avoid obstacles and complete levels, this game developed with some more advantages and interesting characters, you can change any time, after you owned.

Very simple gameplay, no action, no shooting, no need to solve puzzles etc. No boundaries and no levels, run endlessly, collect coins and own more tools which are able to purchase using coins.

Game name subway jungle, this game price 13999 rs, developers offered at free of cost, deal only few days left. Download and install now play anytime.

Check our tutorial to get more details. Game play background designed in the forest on the railway track boxes. Jump up, jump down, take right or take left to avoid obstacles. Be careful and play with focus to run long distance. Distance calculated so far. Your score and coins also calculating.

3d running game, simple and less size game for Android, you feel like advantures game. Use coins to grow your power and speed. Speed more important to collect more coins and long run. No need to login or registration process. Check our gameplay screen shots.

Be ready to run in various tracks like stones, bricks, tracks, nets, bridges, fight against attacking on you with weapons or miss out from them. Complex game.

Download the game.

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