Top 5 Popular Apps For Android Phones

Hi friends What’s up, Today our topic is top 5 popular apps for android phones. Guys these all apps are very useful in our day to day life, in this technology-based the world mobiles devices are the main part, I hope all of you using android mobiles phones, this one became most important gadget in the society, even children addicted to cellphones. in my childhood, there were not having mobiles, only outdoor games and work in faddy fields but present you can not see children in the playground.

Also read, create awesome videos with using your photo.

I think you can see the difference, I hope you can understand how mobile phones playing a role, so guys now we will see our main topic.

Top 5 Apps For Android

Today top 5 apps are very much interesting topics, really in those, I loved some apps, that is my childhood app game, now available for android mobiles but if you know this game you will love it compulsory.


  • Gallery Go
  • 3D
  • Crisper.
  • Contra (supermario Games)

That is our list, don’t wait, waste lets go.

Our first app is

1) Gallery Go

This app launched by famous noted company google LLC, Really this app give more features to view your photos, editing tools are also added, memory card also supports, works in offline mode, safer and faster.

Download now Gallery Go App.

App size Varies with device.


This is a very useful app for all common men, but this app more useful for Andhra peoples, but in India, every state launched this app you can download officially.

This app Bus live tracker, this app available at very low size, You can see bus exact location and location with time.

You can check the Arriving time, Departure time.


Size 5.1MB.

3) 3D

This is a 3d pot maker app you can create amazing pots in your android phone. This small app can give some relaxation from your stress. you can try it for free. the link below added.

Download 3D App.

App size 56MB.

4) Crisper App

This app useful for users to download 4k wallpapers, high-quality 3d wallpaper more attractive wallpapers available. try once.

Download the Crisper App.

Size Of app Varies with device.

Last finally our childhood games

5) Contra (supermario Games)

I don’t wanna explained about this pack because everybody knows it, try to play again to remember your childhood life.

Download the Both files. Then only game will install.



ఈ లింకు ఓపెన్ చేయగానే కుడివైపు పైన గోల్డ్ కలర్ లో డౌన్లోడ్ లింక్ ఉంటుంది దాని పైన క్లిక్ చేయండి,ఒకటికి పది సార్లు క్లిక్ చేయండి వేరే వేరే వెబ్ సైట్ లోకి తీసుకు వెళ్తూ ఉంటుంది మళ్లీ వెనక్కి వచ్చి క్లిక్ చేస్తూ ఉండండి అది లింకు చూపించే అంతవరకు, లింకు చూపించిన తర్వాత డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోండి

Click on the gold color download link button many times only.

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