Top 5 Best Android Apps

Hello, Friends welcome to tech Siva blog, in this article we are discussing the top 5 android app for android phones. Guys here the list is given you can download the apps.

Top 5 Android Apps


  • Video Buddy App.
  • BlockSite – Block Distracting Apps & Sites.
  • Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets.
  • MuvizPro – Navbar Music Visualizer.
  • Lock for apps (WhatsLock)

So our first app name is

  1. Video Buddy

Through video budy android app we can watch funny videos, programs. Refer and earn money option available. Just share with your friends and earn money as much as you can. More entertainment you can get.

Video Buddy APP download link. download

2. BlockSite – Block Distracting Apps & Sites

This blocksite app can block unwanted apps, websites easily. easy process just selects the app and block the app or website. I hope this app can use for more people.

The app link provided below. App size 15 MB. Developed by the Blocksite company.

Download the Blocksite app.

3. Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets

Our third app is a photo editor app, In this app, you can edit the colors of your photos particularly. If you want to know more about this app watch our video completely.

Mainly this app belongs to the Photography category and developed by the InShot Inc. 

This app specially designed for color changing purpose, really you can change colors easily, Here Color adjustments are very popular.

You can change a Particular color on photo either background or face, hair, etc.

Download the Photo Editor APP.

4. MuvizPro – Navbar Music Visualizer

This app can give a simple style on your mobile screen bottom, nov music visualizer style, If the phone gets any sound this visualizer appears on the screen bottom. There is more style with different colors.

Choose the best one and set.

Download the MuvizPro App.

5. Lock for apps (WhatsLock)

Last final top app is lock for apps, You can put lock for your apps, you can save your data from unknown persons and known persons.

Download the Lock for Apps.

These all are today top 5 android apps, you can use them when the situation occurs.

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