Best Top 5 Android Apps For All

Some inbuilt applications are common for all mobiles, if you want more apps and that all be best how? so friends we already introduced the top 5 best android app but here some apps I got, the apps really very good and I attracted so. Read the article, before that watch our youtube video then proceed to download the app.

Top Best Android Apps In 2019

Every year new developments common in all categories in the android app market also same as the last year this year also there are some best top apps got placed in-app store.

Today we are discussing especially 2019 top 5 apps.


  1. Material Notification Shade
  2. Automatic Background Changer
  3. Google Spotlight Stories
  4. Running App: Run Tracker with GPS
  5. WallPix

Material Notification Shade

This is the personalization category app, very simple app to change notification bar background and style, notification bar very important and common use point in all our mobiles before you open any received message your first look at notification if it is important you open otherwise you remove. You can set your photo in the notification bar, not only photo you can change color, font, etc. app size 2.5 MB only.

Download the material notification app.

Automatic Background Changer

If your photo background not good what you will do, delete or keep as same, but here only android app available that app can remove or change the background easily without any editing skills. If you want a better way to change photo follow this article and download the app.

There are 100 + best backgrounds available you can simply select the best one.

Download the Automatic Background Changer.

Google Spotlight Stories

This is an entertainment app which is developed by Google LLC company. Guys through this app you can get real and good stories with motion 3D effects. if anybody like this app you can download it from below. Actually a popular app in abroad countries. size of this app depending on the devices.

Download Google Spotlight Stories.

Running App: Run Tracker with GPS

This is a health and fitness app if you follow this app instruction and daily exercise weighloss is not hard. just install the app and follow every day and guide to your near peoples, This app decides how many kilometers walk every day.

Download Running App: Run Tracker with GPS.

App size 9.3 MB, Got public 4.7 Rating.


Finally today our best top app is wallpix app, this isĀ  4k, HD wallpapers app and added in Personalization category developers is wallpix. You can select best and save them, updates enable in this app, more varieties are provided in the app.

Download the WallPix App.

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