Top 5 Android Apps Download Now

Top best Android apps for various works so of you want to know about the features of the apps continue to read the article. How to use the apps for in our Android smartphone.

Download The Best 5 Android Apps

In Our top 5 apps post, all posts taken from various categories like tools, Animation, entertainment, etc.

List is

  1. Locker for whatschat app
  2. Smule App
  3. Mug Life 3D animator
  4. Scribbl Animation app
  5. Vintage launcher 2020

Our fist top 1 app is

Locker for whatschat App

From among top 5 our first app very useful for us in daily life, do you know how, whatsapp chat is common for all in present days so of any body want to secure their that individual this app helps you. Ni on exn open it except you, so this app provides security with password so just activate this app and enjoy more features.

Download the app now.

Smule App

You can create Entertainment with live performance, you can sing songs through this app, we already explained about this app. You can watch our video.

Download the app.

Mug Life 3D Animator

Mug Life is a 3d Animator app, you can change your photo in 3d styles.

Download the app now. Mug Life 3d app.

Scribbl Animation app

The main feature of the app is you can add best animations to your photos, videos. You can select best Animation effect from listed.

Download the app now. Click here

Vintage launcher 2020 App

Vintage launcher is a new launcher in 2020, you can apply this launcher to your device, this launcher providing best settings and designs to create best look.

Download the app now.

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