Download Tik Tok Wall Picture App For Android

Tiktok wallpicture app : Set your phone lock screen wallpaper with tik tok mem videos without audio. There is very simple way to apply this feature too your mobile like me. now iam going to reveal that secret in this paper. Don’t scroll down and read this paper to get complete information.

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How To Set Tik Tok Video As A Lockscreen Wallpapers

This is very new way to fit your lock screen Wallpaper with your liked and special interest from tiktok app.

To use this feature , should download an app from playstore official, no any charges applicable to use this feature so enjoy this feature in all android phones.

Let’s discuss about this application.

App details :-

App NameTik Tok Wallpicture App
UseSetting Wallpaper
Size 145 kb
Download linkDownlDownloadoad now

To use this feature download tik tok Wallpicture app, the download available here.

Features Of App

  • Set any video with One click.
  • Without audio.
  • Only video plays on the screen.
  • Low size app.
  • 50 + M Download
  • Good Rating

I hope everyone enjoy with this app.

Bonus App

I’m explaining one more related app to the tiktok app.

App name tok video downloader without watermark.

I hope this is more benifitial app for all tiktok users.

Download app now.

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