Pokemesh Apk Download- Real time map 10.6.1

Pokemesh is the real-time map provider that supports the Pokemon GO Android App. It is the best tool that PokeMaster can use now for gaining excellence in the game. It allows you to scan any location on the map for hidden Pokemon and can send you to push notifications every time a new Pokemon spawn around you.

You can set notifications for Pokemon that you want by scanning any location on the map for hidden Pokemon. Pokemesh will send push notifications when a new Pokemon comes around you. However, this app consumes much of your battery because you need to open it simultaneously with Pokemon Go. The Pokemesh app also includes disappearing time feature.

Download Pokemesh Android App:

you can easily install and Download Pokemesh Apk now after the downloading gets completed. You can install the Pokemesh Apk by turning the Unknown Sources of your device. However, you can also prefer the steps before the downloading process mentioned above. So, for easy installation on your Android device, follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to your device Settings and open the Security option.
  • Within the Security Option, you will find the Device Administration section.
  • Tap the Device Administration button and choose the Unknown Sources Option.
  • Now, enable the Unknown Sources by turning the button ON.
  • Navigate to the downloaded Pokemesh Apk and tap it twice.
  • The app will get installed on your device by now, and you will find it in your App drawer.

The Best Features of Pokemesh Android App:

  • Map with real-time Pokémon markers
  • Address bar to move quickly across the map
  • Despawn timer for each Pokémon on the map
  • Hold down to start a scan in any location on the map
  • Custom push notifications of nearby Pokémon EVEN IF THE SCREEN IS LOCKED
  • Pokedex page, that you can use to:
  • find Pokémon cards through a search bar
  • check the last seen time for each Pokémon
  • select Pokémon you want to get notified for if nearby
  • hide Pokémon you don’t want to see on the map
  • Overlay map to use PokéMesh together with Pokémon GO
  • Custom icons selection
  • Optional mark gym and pokéstop on the map
  • QuickGO and custom scan area
  • It shows you the map with the real-time Pokemon makers.
  • It provides a disappear timer for each Pokemon on the given map.
  • You can just hold down for scanning in any locations of the map.
  • The Address bar enables to easily move across the map.
  • You can easily mark Pokestop and gym on the map if necessary within the game.
  • This is a perfect guide for the beginners as it provides simple steps to carry out in the game.
  • The Pokemon 10.6 includes the overlay map now that helps you run in the game with a real-time map.
  • The Pokemesh works only for the Pokemon GO 0.47.1 which is the latest version.
  • This displays more Pokemon, Pokestop, Gym and much more.
  • You can now easily store anything in from your screen without missing out

Description of Pokemesh App:

PokeMesh is a great Android App that displays all the available Pokemon around you or the location that you selected. We can even run the application in background mode to save the battery, and we will still receive the push notifications. If you are a hardcore Pokemon Go player then, PokeMesh is a must have application for you.

you can also set “show on map” for your desired Pokemon. So, you will not be able to see the monster that you don’t want. The initial view of this application is your current location. However, if we want to find the monsters in other areas you are free to “long tap” on the desired area. This way the cursor will be moved to the area, and the application will start searching. This application is also integrated with Google Maps that enables you to use the “route” facility for finding a way out to monster.

The Pokemesh app is not available in the official Play Store of your Android device. You need to download Pokemesh app from the third-party source in Apk format. For enjoying this awesome tool on the game, you first need the Pokemon gaming app installed in your device.

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