Discord Voice Changer Apk Download For Android

Discord Voice Changer Android App is an amazing tool for ultimate fun to chat with your favorite friends and there is much increase the fun.  The best thing about having a voice changer for discord is, it totally reveals the funnier part of the Discord. One can do this simply by connecting the Discord Voice Changer application with the Discord. By using the voice changer for Discord, a user can change the voice as in real time. Also, the user can record his or her conversations that happened at the time of the game and they can edit the voice and save the file after converting with voice algorithms.

Download Discord Voice Changer Android Game:

Here are the steps which you can follow to access your application easily:

  • Open Google App Store
  • In the search, icon provided just type the app name.
  • Tap on the Discord Voice Changer Download.
  • It will be downloaded and would be installed easily as it would be taking a little time to do so as the file is not very large.
  • Once the file is downloaded, it’s ready for use

The Best Features of Discord Voice Changer:

  • Low battery usage
  • Low CPU usage
  • Individual volume control
  • Multiple channels
  • Smart push notifications
  • Direct messaging
  • Friends list
  • Custom hotkeys
  • Modern text chat
  • Browser support
  • Simple, elegant and intuitive interface.
  • Create unlimited special changing voices.
    Apply sound effects in real time to an audio input.
  • Load and save the modified voice.
  • Set the changed voice as a ringtone or a notification sound.

Description of Discord Voice Changer Android App:

This is an exclusive app used for games. This is used by people those who want to have an ultimate fun at the time of playing a game. By using this application, a person can chat with his or her friends at the time of playing a game. The greatest advantage is the user can send the message in both audios as well as in the text format. Another plus related to this application is it is absolutely free to use.

This voice changer, as a switchboard, applies many sound effects on your skyward voice or surly voice, it depends. It is like a sonic screwdriver with multiple distortion effects or a weird vocoder. The input recorded voice can also be a simple skyward discussion or an instrumental music like that of didgeridoo or that of Ocarina or perhaps from a megaphone. But, the applied sound effects will generate a discord, funny voice like the extraordinary sonic screwdriver equalizer effects.

You can also try our apps while having a baritone voice or with a weird sore throat or simply using a megaphone. If you have a macaw, try his voice with a helium effects or switch to extraterrestrial effects like sith or Dalek, perhaps Yoda or that of an exorcist, or switch to Robocop effects. And you will surely be impressed with this unblocked game’s entertainment.

With this switchboard voice recorder, you apply funny sound effects to become a voice changer and vocoder generating clear, wonderful and strange funny voice. The switch from a voice distortion to another will frighten your friends and make a deepened voice.

Discord Voice Changer: How to Use
  1. For this, you have to download and install the software.
  2. After this open the software simply.
  3. You will see an option with the name Preferences”.
  4. This option is available at the main menu. Click on that option.
  5. This will open the VCS Preferences window.
  6. When it appears, you have to search for another option named Virtual driver Mode and click on this option.
  7. Finally, click on the OK button to close the new window.

The Hook Mode, VCSD9.5:  In this Discord voice changer app is loved by all users that can capture all audio streams on the computer and edit them in real time. The Virtual driver Mode of this app helps to focus on processing audio streams from a particular device or from a particular application in your mobile.

Discord Voice Changer Android App Guidance:

Follow the given steps to use the Discord Voice Changer software with the Discord voice chat

  1. Open the Discord application and select the settings icon.
  2. Once you click on the icon, the user setting option will appear
  3. In this option, you have to choose the Voice tab
  4. In this tab, you will find an option named basic and click on that section
  5. In the Basic section choose Input
  6. Enable the voice changing feature and choose Microphone in the Device section
  7. After doing this click on the ‘Done’ button

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