How to Enable Extreme + HDR Settings In Redmi Note 9 Pro Mobile || BAGT APP

BAGT is an android app which is useful for all pubg players, BAGT also known as battle grounds advanced graphics tool app. In this article iam discuss with you how to enable extreme + HDR Settings in RED MI NOTE 9 PRO Mobile device.

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Enable Extreme + HDR Settings In Red MI 9 Pro

In this article we are telling you how to enable extreme + HDR settings, first Download this BAGT App using below working download link, once successfully installation complete activate the app.

Now this tool app options will appears in the pubg game, if you changed any settings in the game change the options open the game after activation of this BAGT.

This tool app more helpful you to get good HDR Settings.

About BAGT

BAGT is a third party tool app to get HDR display options, this app not supporting in all devices so check once in your device.

You can know how to setup without confusion watch our video presentation, this presentation can helps you. Our video gives you better results in fast way so don’t miss.

Here BAGT app download link provided.

Click Here To Download The BAGT APP.


I hope this app help all pubg players.

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