How To Get Truecaller Gold

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is one of the worlds best caller id and spam blocking the app. This app contains many features which make the user control the messaging, call dialer, spam blocking, call   recording and much more which makes the app efficient.

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Available Features of Truecaller  

  • CallerId
  • Spam Blocking
  • Intelligent Dialer
  • Chat, SMS, and calls
  • Blocks to spam messages
  • Call Recording
  1. Caller Id: this feature identifies unknown numbers, spam or companies calling before picking up! Shows the true identity of each incoming call anywhere in the world by tracing the numbers of the incoming call.
  2. Spam Blocking this will automatically block the telemarketers and robot calls which will help the user to stay away from wasting users time which protects users from unwanted calls.
  3. Intelligent Dialer this dialer feature will help the user to identify the name of the registered number by just simply dialing the number in the search bar in the truecaller app.
  4. Chat, SMS and calls this also provides the platform for all communication where it allows to chat with friends and even provides SMS and also provides a dialer for calling.
  5. Blocks to spam messages this even blocks the spam messages which arrives from robot or telemarketers which are unwanted and spam messages.
  6. Call Recording Allows the user to record all the calls automatically so that the user can listen to the phone call recording at any time until he deletes the recording.

Truecaller gold

Why use Truecaller

Normally these days many scams are being held by spamming, unwanted calls and unwanted spam messages which makes lots of disturbance. So to overcome this and to save the users time using truecaller will help the user to save much time by just installing truecaller which will control all the blocking of spam by itself which will save the users time and to stay safe.

Is truecaller free to use

Yes, truecaller is free to use by downloading the application from the play store? the true caller will provide limited features in free use which will not give complete features to use in free mode. Truecaller premium and truecaller gold provide the complete and advanced features for the user with a subscription with premium or gold.

How to get TrueCaller Gold for free

To get the Truecaller premium or truecaller gold download the apk from (  here  ). If truecaller is already installed from play store uninstall it first and download the truecaller  from here. Features Gold Truecaller Apk Block top spammers automatically. Adds free. Call Recording. Get the gold badge Customer support Download From Here 

Note:- In this truecaller gold mod apk gold plate will be visible only to the user. who viewed   my profile feature should be updated soon. (Download   Link)   


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