How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire Game Using Different Methods 2021?

I hope this article is completely useful for you to learn the methods you want to get diamonds for free in free fire game.

Usually all these items can also be purchased directly from the shop with the game currency i.e. diamonds. Or it can be redeemed by completing some project works by another method.

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How To Earn free Fire Diamonds For Free

Free fire game: –
This Free Fire Game is a familiar online Bottle Royal video game. Dots studio and Gharena have jointly launched the iOS for the first time on September 30, 2017.
The most exciting adventure game is played by a third party person. A total of 50 players are required to fight each other heroically in this game, which is about stepping into an island in search of weapons and other ammunition needed for battle scenes in the game.
In this free fire game players must play with a selection of weapons and other ammunition that extend the life of their game rather than being killed by others.

Free Diamonds In Free Fire Game Without Paytm

Players need diamonds for your role in the Free Fire game and the elements that upgrade the game. Players can usually buy these diamonds from the Diamond section. Otherwise these diamonds are spent on the purchase of certain items as part of the game. For this you have to spend money. Doing so will cause them to be permanently banned from the game. That is why in this article we are giving some legal options and some tips for players to get diamonds for free.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Game Unlimited

Weekly or Monthly Membership: –

We are giving you some options to get diamonds for free without any hassle and without buying any top up recharge.
You can buy weekly membership for just Rs 159 and monthly membership for Rs 599 and get diamonds at a very low price. This way you can get 420 diamonds through weekly membership and 2000 diamonds through monthly membership.

1. Free Diamonds Online Survey: –

The best way to buy free diamonds for a free fire game is to take an online survey. These surveys give customers money or Google Playstore credits and rewards. Through these you can buy diamonds.

2. Download apps for rewards: –
Some types of applications and websites give away Google Play credits as well as rewards for downloading new apps. For this, customers can download some applications and use them for just a few minutes to automatically get the Google Play credit directly into the user account. These credits can be redeemed and used to buy diamonds when needed.

How to get 25000 diamonds in free fire

3. Events In game: –
To get diamonds for free in a free fire game, you can win diamonds for free by participating in certain events in the middle of the game. For this you can get 100% bonus in a game called Diamond Top Up in Game- Event. It provides free diamonds to free fire players. This way you can participate in the Free Fire Players In-Game event and get an additional 500 diamonds for free.

How To Get Free Fire Diamonds Easily, Without Top Up

4. Free credit in Google Play Store: –
In some cases the Google Play Store will credit their customers with free Google Play credits into their Google Account. Free Fire Players can take full advantage of Google Credit and spend it to buy the diamonds needed in the Free Fire game.

5. Gifts or giveaways: –
Diamonds will be given away for free to lucky players who participate in the giveaways hosting program for players. These diamonds are deposited directly in their account.

6.custom rooms: –
Diamonds can be obtained through the custom rooms game they post by following the youtubers who host the custom rooms and subscribing to them.

7.Note: –
Through this article we inform you that players should not hack game or use any illegal method to get diamonds for free in free fire game. Because things like this make you permanently banned from the game.

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Free fire diamond hack: –
We spend most of our diamonds on items needed as part of the free fire game game. Players have to spend a lot of money for these. For this, some players prepare to hack the game. Such players will be permanently banned from playing the game once the developers discover this.

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Free fire Diamond Hack Application (App): –

Dear players, we have now informed you of all the ways to get diamonds legally in Free Fire. Keep in mind that you must use these types of legal means to continue the game. Don’t fall prey to fake websites for free diamonds.
Many players use Free Diamonds to get V free for third party applications or 50000 Diamond Free Fire mode.

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