Get These Top 5 Android Apps For Android Smartphone

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Top 5 Android Apps

Android smartphone is a most using device when compare with other but that is why you will see more apps in app store, among the list of apps you have to select the best app. This article existing only best and useful apps for Android smartphones.

List is here check once.

1) Smash File transfer App

2) wheel launcher customisable app

3) Quick cursor, one hand touch mouse app

4) ez money app


1) Smash File Transfer App

Send any file from your phone ? in easy way without more efforts, this app can hold the file 7 days from uploaded date, that means you can download the file with in 7 days, this is good feature for more working peoples.

Many unfamiliar features are introduced in this app, try it once, also earned good rating 4.5. watch the video.

Download the app now.

Wheel Launcher App

Free widget customisable app, you can make in various styles at free of cost. Also less MB, more styles, you can access favourite apps easily and stylishly, rationally. Variety of styles are hidden with colourful templates.

Download the app now.

Quick Cursor App

As I told every app useful, quick cursor app also helps you. How? Just install this app on your phone, big size screen mobile must operate by both hands maximum times, sometimes you have to operate the big screen size mobile with single hand, that time this app more helpful you.

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Grab this app and keep your mobile. Download the app now ?.

Ez Money App

Get the complete process from here. Click here

5th App

Soloop App

This is default app in realme mobiles enhanced with great features, this app can give best results after selecting 4 or more videos. This app only collect some videos clips and gives best final video. Mixed video.

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