Top Best Applications For Android

Welcome to tech Siva blog, here you can get top android app list with download links. These apps can more useful for us in various situations so keep these apps in your wish list or download now. After varying search, we found these apps in different categories so here you can know about the apps.

What Are The Top Android Apps

If you search for an android app in play store you can get a number of results related to that app and also you can not select best one if you want to select the best one you must open and read the people comments if go through that process it may take one more day so here we considered everything then after only one introducing you the best app, I mean these are only not best apps in whole play store there are many best top available but in the particular category or for particular work we selected app.

I hope you many get little clarity on best android apps.

Top Better Android Apps

Here the top android apps list

  • Bubblee Cool bubble effects on battery charging
  • Pull Me App
  • Datally: data saving app by Google
  • Duplicate File Remover

2) Bubblee Cool bubble effects on battery charging

This is our first app this tools category app so this app use for us like an extra tool for android phones, this app tool catop best android appn give the additional style when you connect to charging to your phone.

Some extra features also there

  1. This app gives an alert alarm when your phone battery is low.
  2. You can change bubble colors
  3. Also gives the Full battery alarm.

Developed by the Poer Mind Apps.


Download the Bubblee Cool bubble App. Size 1.9MB

3) Pull Me App

Pull Me is a tools category, used to create favorite apps home, in

top android apps

this app, you can arrange all your favorite apps at one place just swipe and access without a long search.


Download the app Pull me app Now, Size 617 K.

4) Datally: data saving app by Google

Friends an extraordinary app from google company this app giving better features for all internet users so here we will see how the app useful for us.

Your internet data can be controlled by datally app from unwanted usages.

Features Of Datally App

android app

  • This best app can stop unwanted data consumption apps.
  • You can set a limit when you turn on the hotspot.
  • Automatic turn of option available at nights time.
  • You can set the daily limit.

Download the Datally app. size 5.0MB.

5) Duplicate File Remove App

This app can find duplicate files easily in your android phone then you can clean them easily. Sometimes we can not find manually the duplicate files like audio, video, doc, pdf, etc files so in that case this app useful for us.

Download the app Now. size 3.0MB


The final top app is a wallpaper app where you can get a minimal wide range of wallpapers easily that is a minimalist wallpaper app.

This is the Personalization category app, you can change your phone wallpaper style with different category themes like dark, light, etc. all wallpapers available at free of cost and free, you can crop ad edit easily.

Download the app Now, Click here.

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