How To Add Your Favourite Song To Existing Video || Video Editing App || Easiest Method

When you looking to add any suitable song to your already captured video or to remove old music on your android while doing video editing, which method do you choose either most easiest or miserable way. 99 % looks at simple one, because that can save time and efforts. I’m sure this page information will be best for you, also you can get alternative method app. Now a days this is trending to people, even you can upload in any social media, Instagram story, reels, shorts, Facebook videos, etc.

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Easiest Way To Add Local Music To Your Video with Best Backgrounds

Majorly two methods are trending right now in the market, one is manual,another one using application. What is the variation between both of them? Huge different lies on the both methods you compare very closely. Manual method is very hard if you don’t know any editing skills or if you don’t aware of any editing software and applications, long process, you must follow all steps to get superb video.

VN is one of the best editing applications to make fast editing very simply with out applying heavy tasks.what kind of features vn providing, how can you use them to make more stylishly, this is gigantic guide on vn editor editing. so if you focus on how to edit and add background music after convert your photos into video with lot of effects and filters. To do this much of editing you no need to download or use many apps, simply you can download one app that is vn editing unlocked app, that can provide all options. now i will teach you how to use them properly, even one features can applicable in many editing situations, so its depending on your uses, so try to make hard editing which make more confident to generate best videos.

VN app interface very easy to identify to choose options while you editing, now you have to two options appears to one with watermark and second one without vn editing watermark, if your video have mark, may be you get little disturbance to disappear that you have to install without watermark apk, which is not free version. try here and get more solutions for that. if you look at features of this app, quietly amazing, every video editor can do fantastic editing with high resolution, even no need pc.

Features Of VN Editor App

Features are main important to any app, so check all features, when you get all data then you can go ahead, install and open vn editor app, you can download from this page easily.

  1. Click on new project and upload any image or video from gallery.
  2. Stock. your uploaded images, videos storage feature, any time you can open.
  3. Template, template is one of the most require element to do video editing magnificently.
  4. Filters:- filters can add extra moments to your video, some filters can give powerful editing to our videos.
  5. To apply additional effects you can use various filters.
  6. Music upload, free and paid music you can add to any video from here, drag and drop, you can add more than one music in time loop.
  7. vn editing app
  8. You can download free templates, then edit them changing your albums.
  9. various type of fonts available primarily, you can add your favourite fonts.
  10. Additional sound effects also can use freely. You can make your own album and save here to use anytime.
  11. You can extract you tube without copyrights sounds also.
  12. 4 options are very important, projects, stories, works, template.
  13. Less hide options, so even beginner can do vastly, less size app.
  14. Upload editing in project option he you can trim, split, add photos and videos, merge videos.
  15. filters, template, FX, delete,extract audio, volume, bodes, BG, rotate, crop, mirror, freeze, flip,reverse, forward, zoom, export and save, direct publish with tags, etc.
  16. vn editing app android
  17. Extra duplicate,keyframe,replace,delete. very simle option.
  18. Sizes :- original, 4:5,1:1,16:9,2:3, 3:4,round, 4:3,21:9, 9:16,all screen ratios can use.


vn editing app+ apk

Finally you can rock your editing with vn unlock premium app apk. Download the app now, click here. to know more updates from us, please like and follow us.

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