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peacock app apk: Do you know about Peacock TV App?
Peacock TV is like a premium video streaming service. It was newly launched in the USA.
Comcast Media Company in the US broadcasts all types of TV shows under the NBC Universal banner. It is not limited to TV shows but also hosts movies, cable network, Universal Pictures, Dream Works and animation.
In the same vein, Peacock TV serves movies as well as other TV shows as their service.
Matt Strauss runs this Peacock TV, which is very popular in America.

Peacock TV App Apk

why did NBC Universal Call Peacock
There is a story behind why NBC Universal named the video streaming service Peacock. In the 1960s the market sector was all about black and white TV. At the time, NBC was producing color televisions to impress customers. NBC has designed the Peacock logo beautifully and attractively with the intention that customers should buy colour TVs at a higher cost. Thus the Peacock logo, which was designed for colour televisions at the time, is now named Peacock TV to indicate that our programs for Peacock TV video streaming services are colorful.

Platforms and devices
NBC Universal has successfully launched the Peacock TV app for ios and Android mobile on July 15th. However, this Peacock TV streaming service is designed to be used not only on mobile but also on a variety of devices such as setup boxes and smart televisions.
Another unique feature is that Microsoft’s game console is also available.
At the time of writing this article for you there are no new plans available for Peacock TV. Full details will be updated after you.

Peacock’s subscription is twofold. The first subscription is free but there are ads. The second type is like a subscription premium.

Free Subscription:
It contains an add-on supported version. There will be approximately 13,000 hours of programming service. All types of episodes related to Webshows are available. You can watch all kinds of popular movies for free along with classic tv series. The day will feature free news and sports news relays.

Peacock Premium Service
This section includes 20,000 hours of programming for subscribers. The service offers all kinds of TV shows as well as sports and movies.
The Peacock premium subscription costs $ 4.99 per month. If you are a Comcast subscriber then Ad Support Peacock Premium is free for you. Pay an additional $ 5 per month for an ad-free premium service. The longer Ads Free Peacock premium version costs $ 9.99.
The bad news is that the Peacock streaming service is not yet available with 4K resolution. Is making efforts to bring this up soon.
However it supports three concurrent streams per account. This is a specialty.

Famous TV Shows in Peacock TV
Highly popular classic sitcoms, parks, and recreation are available on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime video as part of streaming.
Classic and Popular Shows
30 Rock

Bates Motel

Battlestar Galactica

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Chicago Fire

Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med

Chrisley Knows Best

Covert Affairs

Downton Abbey

Everyone Loves Raymond


Friday Night Lights

The George Lopez Show


Keeping Up with the Kardashians

King Of Queens

Law and Order

Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Married… With Children




Royal Pains

Saturday Night Live


The Real Housewives franchise

Top Chef

Two and a Half Men

Will & Grace

In addition, some new episodes are being relayed from time to time.
Some of these night shows are followed by late night shows.

Popular Movies on Peacock TV App

Peacock TV can sit at home and watch a number of classic and recent films on Universal Pictures and Focus Features as part of its streaming service.
Below is a list of some other popular movies for you.
American Pie


Knocked Up

Meet the Parents

Meet the Fockers

A Beautiful Mind

Back to the Future

Brokeback Mountain


Dallas Buyers Club

Do the Right Thing

Erin Brockovich

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Field of Dreams


Mamma Mia!


The Breakfast Club
In addition, NBC Universal’s cable network, TV shows such as Telemundo are well known.

NBC Universal Company offers some TV shows and movies specifically for the Peacock TV app. Here are some of them.
Brave New World: This is a classic science fiction novel.
Intelligence: Created with famous comedians. This is a UK comedy show.
The Capture: It Belongs to a Soldier About Crime Drama. It also belongs to UK Import.
Curious George: This is a classic children’s book about the animated series.
Cleopatra in Space: It Is An Animated Series Belongs to the Great Egyptian Leader Cleopatra.
In Deep With Ryan Lochte: It’s a Reality Series About the Olympic Swimmer.
The Peacock TV app has become the platform for many such interesting series.

Upcoming Reboots
Peacock TV has planned 3 Reboots for three popular classic TV shows for the upcoming season.
1.Punky Brewster: It tells about an orphaned kid character.
2.Saved By The Bell: This is a TV show from the teen comedy series.
3.Battlestar Galactica: This is a scientific TV show from 1978. This show is about space.
In addition, a reality show about housewives is also planned.

Upcoming Original Shows of Peacock TV
Peacock TV will be hosting the following original shows in the near future.
Dr. Death
One of Us is Lying
Rutherford Falls
Straight Talk
Armas de Mujer
Who Wrote That
In addition, preparations are underway to release 2 public talk shows.
Universal Pictures and DreamWorks are working together to develop a TV series and original films.

Is Peacock Support Sports and News?

Ready to cover a large amount of sports news related to the 2021 Olympic Games to be held in Japan.
# Giving live coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies related to the Olympic Games.
# Giving live coverage to major Olympic events.
# News coverage of the Tokyo Paralympics.
Is Peacock TV Success?
Peacock TV has definitely been successful in gaining the admiration of the audience. Because it provides tons of information to the audience through streaming services. Trying to do proper justice to the amount customers are paying.
And NBC Universal is making a lot of arrangements to increase the number of subscribers.
Link for Peacock Android App
We have tried to provide as much information as possible in the article about Peacock TV App. Now it is understood that you are in a hurry to download Peacock TV App right away. Of course this app is not available in Google Play Store. That’s why we have given you the following download link on our website. This app can be downloaded on your Android mobile just by clicking on the link.


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Peacock TV app for ios and Android mobile on July 15th. However, this Peacock TV streaming service is designed to be used not only on mobile but also on a variety of devices such as setup boxes and smart televisions.
Another unique feature is that Microsoft's game console is also available.

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