Top 5 Applications For Android / Good Apps Download

Finding good apps for Android in various categories is little difficult, if you search for the apps in search bar results shows too many, among results you have to select one and activate incase if it is not exist good features you have to choose one more app or you have to read the reviews under the app. So without all these process we are selecting for you with best ratings , here we are not applying on you any pressure on to download the app so first watch our video then decide only.

Download Top 5 Applications Android

You can read the list

  • Transparent Mode
  • Oops lock app
  • Text converter Encoder Decoder Stylish Text
  • Magic Call Voice Changer App
  • My 4k Wallpapers & Hd Wallpapers

List is provided, now we will check app features, download links.

Transparent Mode App For Android

Our first app is transparent Mode app, download below given install now.

Very useful app for you, in these busy days if you would like to do use your phone and walk at a time just activate this app this app turns on automatically another screen that is back camera you can use the any app and watch clearly whats going infornt another screen shows infront activities.

Shake and close the transparent screen and you can get low battery alert also.

Download the app now.

Oops lock App

Read and don’t go back just wait and read the features of the app first because app existing many features those are never seen in other lock apps.

In this app you have to use volume buttons to unlock the app, and you can not added pattern, pin, etc. Just use volume buttons for unlock.

Download the app now.

Text converter Encoder App

This app providing 40 styles texts those are not visible like a normal text so you can use the text as secret code and you can chat with your close persons varitely.

Just download and install the app you can get inbox, outbox.

Download the app now.

Magic call Voice Changer App

You can do fun with your friends you can change your voice while you talking so this app gonna make you day little fun with your friends.

Download the app now.

My 4k wallpapers app

This is our last apps in top 5 so if you want use best wallpapers on your screen try this app select best one and try differently.

Download the app now.

I hope you love top 5 apps if you like share with your friends.


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