Best Android Home SetUp For All Android Mobiles

Most of the people thinking how to create best Android Home SetUp in android smartphones, there are many ways available including default but once you start creating your own way it’s gives professional look so in this article we are giving some apps with direct download link and process, follow process setup your own style.

Android Home SetUp Technics

Here we made a video on this topic so watch and understand quickly. Before you do this setup you must know which type of apps support and how to edit without errors so without a clear process we can not do it accurately.

To do accurately don’t miss reading using apps.

All apps links and pictures link below available.

Process Of Android Home Setup

First of all download pictures which we edited.

Picture Link: 

Sample picture,

Click here and download the picture.

Now you have download the nova launcher app. This app exist android home setup features.

Download Launcher App. This is one method by using nova launcher app.

Download nova launcher.


To setup widget download the KWGT APK

without this app you can’t finish setup successfully so download the

KWGT APK File: Download

After successful installed the app download below three app these app very helps us while you SetUp widget settings.

Follow links:

Feast KWGT App: Download Now

Another KWGT APP IS magic KWGT click here to download

Sun& sea For KWGT Download the app

After using widget settings app start downloading 4 icons packs

Here 4 icon picks links below given.

  1. First free icon pack is viral free icon pack. Download app
  2. Second icon pack is minma icon pack download
  3. UX Led Icon Pack Download, click hereclick here
  4. Verticons free icon pack Download

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