Install New MIUI 12 Superwallpapers For All RedMI Mobiles

Extraordinary features launched by Xiaomi, all mi Mobile users has been updating to MIUI 12. This new post for all RedMi mobile users, let me explain this feature step by step what is this.

Install New MIUI 12 Super wallpapers for Redmi Mobiles

MIUI 12 launched recently you can know how to update manually. if you want to install super wallpapers in your RedMI mobile, here I’m going to show you how to do that.

How to install miui 12 

To install this feature, your RedMi mobile minimum specification is MIUI 11.

To install super wallpapers must have one file, the required files given here.

How the Superwallpapers look like given here look at them once.

Miui 12 update install Superwallpapers

How To Install MIUI 12 SUPERWALLPAPERS On your RedMi mobile

First two files required, one is application, another one is file.

Superwallpapers File download, click here

Download required app, Click here

Now you have to install both files, next Install app, use file, the file containing Superwallpapers.

How To Install, Activate MIUI 11, 13 Superwallpapers

Quickshortcut maker app download and install in the next step.

After wallpapers file install on your mi mobile, you can not get any icons, so now open Quickshortcut maker app and get a blue icon as you seen in our demo video.

Now you can understand easily, if yoy didn’t get updates, ask us via comments section.

You can change some more settings also.

Really pretty awesome, looking nice, iam feeling very nice while using the wallpapers.

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