Download The Best Android Applications

Hi, friends welcome to the apk downloads here in this article you can know 5 android apps, these all apps gonna use for you in different works, read the article for complete information.

Best Android Apps


  1. Pause it
  2. Video to Photo – Grab photos from video
  3. Fake Screen
  4. Cleaner – Merge Duplicate Contacts
  5. Launcher Live Icons for Android

The first app is

Pause It

This is a very interesting best app, you can install this app through the below link. The app can stop give internet to the selected app on your device, for example, you don’t wanna get notifications from WhatsApp app or facebook any app as and you have to access internet so wh want to do like that this app gonna help you just install the app and select the app set time until timeout you can not get any disturbance from the selected app.

You can download the Pause It App now. Download.

Video to Photo – Grab photos from the video

You want to capture or take some screenshots while watching the video it may any video so sometimes you can not take 100% perfect capture that time you can use this app to take the best capture from the video, this app specialty is that convert video to photo you can try it now.

Download the app now.

Fake It App

You can do safe work with this app if you are getting any disturbance from other peoples you can turn on this app function this app completely protect you from the other and you screen not work when they touch it. you can select the mode also.

Download the app now.

Cleaner – Merge Duplicate Contacts

This app works like a cleaner bu this app clean duplicate contacts, some times, unfortunately, contacts appear double or waste contacts so that time you can use this app to clean easily.

Download the app now. 

Launcher Live Icons for Android

The best app is a launcher this app gonna make your screen and icons very beautifully so who wants to change the screen style and icon style you may try this app.

Download the app now.

I hope you may like these best apps, Yon share with your friends also download the apps easily.

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