Battery Sound Notification App || Android Trick

Configure notifications that sound compatible on your device based on battery status.

This new application allows you to configure sound notifications based on the battery status of the device you are using.

Bridge notifications app, click here

Features and Benefits: –

Continuous service: Background service
Boot maintenance if necessary
Autostart facility after update
Audible Sound Notification
You can select the audio file you want.
• Compatible battery percentage
Text to speech facility
• Favorite ringtones
Repeated sound notification
Sleep Mode Facility

• Service suspension break
There is an option to change the audio profile through the system.
Vibrate mode option
Possibility to stop service during call
Easy to use
Light version
It is really great application. Can be recommended to others without any doubt. You Can Choose Your Own Audio File. 4 sound notifications are very good. If you use this app your friends will be so amazed.Smart working app.

Battery is full
Battery is low
Battery charging
Battery discharging
Battery plugged in
Battery Unplugged

This requires an internet connection
If the text-to-speech service does not work, remember that an Internet connection is available.

App information: –

Belongs to the two point five version.
Updated 22 February 2021. Download
It has a download size of 4.58 mb.
You can access DND facility
It can run foreground service
It has ful network
Check network connections
Prevent phone from sleeping mode.

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