Voice Translator and Voice Typing App For Social Media

A fantastic news for all social media users, this is a peaceful information to everyone busy person who doesn’t have time to type text in chat box those can use this simple trick after use this trick you can say wonder.

Now iam telling about an interesting app which gonna save your time in chatting with friends, strangers,etc.

Voice Translator and Voice Typing App Android

This app supports in almost all devices mainly in WhatsApp Messenger Social media app this is a common Social media app for all across the world so if you receive any new language message you can read easily with this app.

Just download and install the app any time easily works with your commands.

This app features from only one single App, the app name, features are listed below the article.

App details, Features

App name: Whatsvoice

App size: 3.68 MB.

Rating of the app 5.0


You can type voice text, translate the text from language to another language easily.

Download the app now. Whatsvoice app.

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