Translate Text On Screen App | Best Translate Text App

Are you worrying to read unknown language text or words, there are more than 100+ language are using on this earth but we can not learn all, it is not possible also. If you want to read any other languages easily while you browsing or texting on social media.

Download The Translate Text On screen App For Android

This app gives you the best results after you translate the text.

This app developers provided a very simple way to use the app, just fix the which text you want to translate.

Before you do that you have to download and install an android app, the app link and features are listed below.

Features of the App

  • No need to copy and past text one place to another.
  • On screen you will get a marker.
  • Large text also can be translate easily.
  • Required internet connection.
  • Only 14 .5 MB.
  • Support in android smartphone.

Download the app from here.

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