Top 5 Stylish Apps For Android Mobile

Do you want to make your phone display look stylishly while using the phone? If you want you can do it very simply, here written up complete process article.

Particularly we selected some best apps to make your phone looks stylishly, So download some apps and make it simple. You can also download top 5 apps

The 5 app list and details, features are written below, read and download the apps.

Top 5 Stylish App List

  • Navbar animation
  • Filmovie video maker
  • Led keyboard
  • My name in 3D
  • Walloop

Now we will see their features and how they will change looks out our phone display.

Nowadays all people want to make their phone look differently rather than others. So, if you follow this article you will be one of them.

Navbar Animation App

This app can make your navigation buttons very stylishly, there are a lot of animations available you can choose the best one. SEt favorite color, you can set up animation speed level.

This is a simple application under 5MB data usages,

So, Guys, this app got rating 4.1.

You can use all different tools directly, so just download and install the app.

Download The App.

Must required android is 5.0+.

Filmovie Video Maker App

Another simple app is Filmovie video maker, by using this app we can make our photos like a video.

Add all pic and attach the background music it will become a simple video.

More attractive options available in this app to know more about this app just download use practically. the download link also is below given.

You can share in all social media directly. This app features also nice.

App size is 30 MB.

Download The App

Led keyboard APP

App size Size 22MB
Installs 1,000,000+
This app can make your phone keyboard brightly. This app can bring more stylish to your phone.
  • You can select different keyboard skins.
  • You can turn on or off the keyboard sounds.
  • You enjoy amusic while you typing this led keyboard.
  • You can select Best themes, colors, and fonts styles.

One of the best app ratings is 4.6.

Download the LED Keyboard Lighting – Mechanical Keyboard RGB App

My Name in 3D App

This app can make our names in 3d mode, this is a free application, this app can easily customize your name stylishly.

You can choose different 3d mode and colors, background, etc.

You can easily set 3d name a home wallpaper.

Download the app

App size is 2.6 MB.

Rating is 4.6.

Walloop App

This app uses to set Live Wallpapers and Backgrounds for your home wallpaper.

This app consumes less charging so we use a different type of live wallpaper. also, you can set your favorite video as wallpaper. High HD wallpapers are also highly supportable.

You can set live wallpaper for Both lock and main screens.

Download the app.

App Size 6.0MB. Rating is 4.6.

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