Top 5 Kirrak Android Applications For Various purposes

How are you friends, today in this post iam introducing the new top 5 Kirrak android apps for smartphones, these 5 apps can helps you in different times so read the article completely and know the aps features and their works, download now or later when the app situation occurred.

Also you can download Telugu apps click here

Top 5 Android Apps Download Now

Fiends all apps links shared here so you don’t need to open any app Store just click on the download button below the app description and it will takes you direct installation page.

Now I will mention the list of 5 apps here.

Many people asking us in comments best apps for screenshots, wallpapers, etc. So today we are giving you the 5 apps choose which category app you want and install.


  1. Firefox screenshotgo beta
  2. Flip DND
  3. Join active groups unlimited
  4. VV Wallpapers
  5. Wave keyboard background

Now we will discuss one by one app.

  • Firefox screenshotgo beta

Very less size app offered by Mozilla by activating the app you can easily find the screenshots, if you phone filled with many screenshots you can find early the particular image in that case this app much better useful us. Screenshots are really exists good content so no one decide to loose or select. So I hope this app can helps in that cause.

Download the app now. Download the app

Find DND

App size 2.5 MB only this app can switch the dark theme with in 2 sec.

Really good app try it if you don’t know how to set watch our video.

Download the app now.

Join active groups unlimited

This is very useful app for all social media users if any body want to join In Active groups you can use this app, this app providing all categories groups links you can join and if the group not good you exist also.

Social, education,fashion, sports, jobs, etc.

Download the app now.

VV Wallpapers app

This app completely available at free of cost you can purchase for extra features. This app providing beautiful neon wallpapers with 4k clarity. You can select your favourite one.

Download the app now.

Wave keyboard background App

Really one of the best app you can set the free video on keyboard background actually we can set a wallpapers as background here the new is you can set even a best animation or wave video.

Download the app.


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