Top 5 Android Apps Download Smartphone

Top 5 Android apps is our android apps, these all apps are available at free cost in play store, if there is any paid you have to pay so be clear, so read the article completely. if you want to know more apps please ask through the comments box.

Top 5 Android Best New Version Apps

List is

  • Circle sidebar
  • Jellify
  • AR Car Drive
  • Presets for Lightroom mobile
  • Before launcher

Circle Sidebar

This is an app to get quick access for Android apps, after install the app you can see a small line on the screen, simply touch on the screen and get the all apps acess with out more searching.

Download the app now.

Second apps is


This app works like a photo editor, but this is a little vary app, you can edit your photo it is look like a real and live pic, there are many options available so you can download the app now.

Download the app now.

AR Car Drive

This is very different game, while playing the game you can look thong under the camera, mainly while playing the game the camera will be open so you can absence all thing at a time. Also you can enjoy the game.

Download the game now.

Next our fourth best App is

Presets for Lightroom Mobile App

Through this app you can get a many options to increase your photo clarity and many features available like you can edit and upload different photo through out the world on social media.

Download the app now.

Final app is

Before Launcher

Asusal our last app about launcher, you can get many new features and designs through this app. The link and features are explained in the video you can download.

Download the app now.

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