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We are discussing about the 5 different Android Apps all you can download from apkdownloads.net. these apps exists various uses for different times. These all apps download links here available with discription.

Download 5 Android Smartphone Apps

5 apps list is here:

  • Lock watch App
  • Split lens 2 app
  • Orange teal
  • Perfect piano
  • Unique wallpaper wall X
  1. Lock Watch App

Very useful app, i recommend to everyone because may we theft our phones some times so if you use this lock watch anti theft app, you can get back your phone’s easily, this app providing many features regarding to find stolen phone.

This app can capture image when theft trying to unlock the phone, you can get the location and persons image to your mail.

This app can automatically takes pictures, no one can find, all details you can know easily.

So you can download the app now easily.

Download the app now.

Second App is

Split lens 2 App

Another best app for Android phones, you can create best mirror image, videos easily by installing the app, this app can useful for Instagram users, you can simply get the more trend to your account.

Download the split app.

Orange Teal App

This app size only 23 MB, You can create best orange rela images by using different styles.

You can make best style app for you profile pictures.

Download the app now.

Next fourth best app is

Perfect Piano App

Best advanced piano app, who have the desire to learn piano this app can helps you, this piano ap can teach us the instructions, playing methods.

Very advanced options inserted in this app, multiplayer option also available.

Download the app piano.

Unique Wallpaper Wall X App

This app can provide the best screen size pics the pics quality 4k, hd.

So everyone can use this app, who want to use unique Wallpaper tk their devices.

Download the wallpaper app.





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