Top 10 Under 1 MB Apps For Android

Friends this is another best post for all tech and android users, in this article we are introducing 10 apps which are available under 1MB and 1 MB Apps, really very interesting post do dot miss to read. You can read features of the apps and download link.

Download the Under 1MB Apps For Android

You can learn how to download and use the apps easily without any confusions.

The list of the 10 apps under 1 MB.

  1. Notification shortcut
  2. Empty folder cleaner
  3. All in one shopping app
  4. Ap15 launcher
  5. APK extractor
  6. Monument browser
  7. Lockwatch 
  8. Draw15 App
  9. Play 100 in 1 game
  10. Real piano

10 apps available under 1mb size and all apps support for Android phones.

Notification shortcut App

After Download and install successfully you can arrange very important regular using apps in the notification bar. That shortcut can save your time with out searching more time.

Download the app.

Empty folder Cleaner App

You can delete empty folder easily after installing this app, this app can find the empty folders easily and deletes.

Download the app now.

All In One Shopping App

You can access a shopping apps from one single app that to available under 1 MB so you can use the app.

Download the app now.

Ap15 launcher App

This app belong to the launcher category so through this app we can easily change our screen look.

Download the app Now.

APK extractor App

You can extract any app easily with the APK extractor app and this app available under 1mb only.

Download the app now. Click here

Monument Browser App

This app can block ads while searching, this is an browser app.

Download the app now.

Lockwatch App

This is very high secure app when someone trying to open your phone with wrong password this takes photo by using front camera after that we can easily find out the person.

Download the app now. Download

Draw15 App

You can draw simply on your android screen when ever you don’t have paper pen, you can simply calculate the calculations.

Download the app now.

Play 100 in one game

You can play the games 100 in one game, here we can play many games. Try now.

Download the game now.

Real Piano App

All we know about the piano, it is musical instrument now this instrument available in android smartphone so you learn or your practice the music with using headset.

Download the piano app.


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