Tile Shortcuts App / Quick Access App For Android

Tile Shortcuts app: A pretty android app to make you work to faster than earlier, dj you think how to do this, SK if you are working with Android phone and your daily schedule is busy some time you need to quick access so in that situation this work app useful for like a best friend.

Download the Tile Shortcut App

You can arrange the quick Access icons anywhere on the screen even you can arrange in notification bar also.

If you don’t believe this and how to set you can watch our video there every point discussed.

Really this is good app and after arrange this all icons looks very normal style even no body identify. Styles also good.


  • You can set the apps.
  • Sites.
  • Activities.
  • Best urls.

You can change the icon styles also. Icon pack also available in this ap.

Tile App Information

  1. App size 2.4 MB only.
  2. App offered by tombayley.

Download the tile Shortcuts app. Click here.

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