Simple Uses Top 5 Android Apps

Hi friends, simple uses android apps, do you know what are the best unknown and simple useful apps for Android device? This is an amazing page to get top 5 simple android apps which are particularly helps in category wise.

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Best Top 5 Simple Android Apps

List :-

  • Touch lock
  • Full battery theft alarm app
  • Tangle app
  • Edge screen
  • Moto bike racer app

Touch Lock App

First simple app, this app can do stop working touch screen on Android mobile temporally, it’s your hand option. This app helps you when your children or unwanted person try to use your mobile, just turn on this app feature and give them, bum nothing work. You can easily resist them to use your mobile. you can avoid unwanted touch while you watching movies or any videos. Very simple app, many people not aware of it, so if you want to this feature, get now the app.

Click here to download the app.

Full Battery, Theft Alarm App

Another simple and daily useful app. This app features are amazing, this app works very well when somebody remove your charger connection when you connected charging. Battery full alarm feature, you can get alarm to after battery full. When someone connect charger near you, alarm rings. If you like this app,

Click here to Download the app.

Tangle App

3 Rd App, simple app to relief from street, just use this app when you need little attention. You can remove street easily.listen simple music and tangle app magic.

This app providing relax mind screen. Just touch on the screen see the magic.

Click here to download.

Edge Screen, Edge Gesture App

You can simply add very important apps or contact and any notes on screen using edge screen. This app can hold all your important things easily at one place, at edge. Just click on the edge button to show arranged your important. You can easily set with Various structures.

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Moto Bike racer Pro app

Fifth app is a game. This game very popular, but this is pro version, if anybody wants play simple and thrilling bike racing game try this app. Only 39 mb size. Good ratings and high installation completed.

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Share your opinion about this simple top 5 apps in comments section. Give a like and share with your friends. Thank you very much friends.

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