How To Set Full Photo As A DP In Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media platform, now this is owned by facebook group company so many people regularly using Instagram, so when more people using you need to set your profile clearly, once you do everything as a professional you can gain huge following.

How To Upload Full Size Photo In Instagram

When someone open your account first they will check your DP profile picture, in case if you didn’t set well may be you loss one follower, i mean If your dp nice then they will attract.

If you follow our video, post you can set your full photo as a DP in instagram.

When you saving dp you can not upload full photo (iam also faced same problem) that is why i have started finding the best way, how to set full picture as DP in Instagram, how many methods are there , can i create a new one, etc.

After many research I found a simple wat that is by using a simple application the app name is photogrid.

Process To Set Full Size Photo in Instagram profile

First of all you have to download photogrid app, the app link is given below. Start downloading once done installation process, now you can easily edit photo as we shown in the video.

If you have any doubt first watch our video, although not clear contact us.

Download the app photogrid.

I hope this app works definitely try and send your feedback.


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