How To Add A Photo In Notification Panel, Stylish Method

Notification panel is very necessary part in mobile operating, because this is shortcut method to know what happened in your mobile, this is default and managed by some settings.

How To AddA Photo In Notification Panel

Do you know how to add a photo in the important notification panel?

Also, try this enlight photo editing app.

If you don’t know how to add, this tutorial for you.

I found a way, now I’m explaining the way very clearly. Read this clear cut method and add a photo Successfully in your notification panel.

You have to download and install one application, that app can give support to your photo to appear in the notification panel.

This is awesome thing because your going to making your panel very stylishly.

There are some methods can give same results but I found this is a method, you follow or try other method, if you don’t find any other try this one.

Download Notification Panel Stylish App, Apk

Add a photo in Notification panel, then Install this App, apk.

The download links will be below the article, kindly install it.

How it look like.

Add photo in Notification panel

How to add photo, now you are seeing how I added image. Now you can add too.

Download the App.

Final words:-

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