How To Massage In WhatsApp without Saving Contact (3 Ways)

Avoid so long process when you sending a message in whatsapp with new number mean not saved contact.

Also try how to set longer status in whatsapp

Send A Message Without Saving Number In WhatsApp

Sometimes we have to send message very necessary, urgently may be we haven’t time to save his contact in that time this 3 methods can help you.

Sometimes we have to send little message to many new people in that time use any one of our method and send the message to new numbers not saved contacts.

To Apply This Method Download Some Apps

Use this apps and apply method to messages without saved contacts.


  • Click To Chat App
  • Easy Message Send Without Saving Number

Click To Chat App

This app available with KBS size so you can use this app without internet, ads. So if you use this app to send message to unknown numbers easily.

Send message to unknown numbers without save contact


Download click to chat app now. Click here

Next app is

By using Second app also we can send the message to any one without Saving Contact number.

Download Easy Message send app now. Download

Third Method

Use the code

Type and country code number.

Use any one method and send the message to any not saved contact.



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