Free 5 Android Applications Download

In this latest paper we are taking the 5 apps all apps are available in play store with various rating and features so with out open playstore get the direct download link.

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  • MIUI ify notification settings
  • Spilt cloud double music
  • Screen Stop watch App
  • Volume control panel free App
  • Unsplash web download

Above 5 apps information you can here.

MIUI ify notification settings

Change the notification settings easily with the MIUI ify app, you can arrange the favourite apps in the notification bar. Create stylishly.

Download the app now. Click here

Splitcloud Settings App

You can select and listen at a time two songs easily with this app, where ever you go you can listen so if anybody want to use this feature download the app now.

Click here to download.

Screen Stop watch App

This is Very useful app for all age and mobile users, this app counts the how long you using the Mobile all it counts and inform you.

Download the app now. Go to download

Volume Control Panel App

Through this app we can control volume easily on the screen without click on the buttons.

Various features exits this app so if anybody I hope all People can use this app.

Download the app now.

Final app is

Unsplash web Download

Download the best background wallpapers from this ap.

Click here to download the app. Download

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