Ephoto 360 App Add Amazing Effects, Text On Your Photo

Ephoto 360 app providing you to create best text, photo background effects. If you want to create a best text on your android mobile you must know about little editing or learn some apps but this app completely gives directly best edited sample effects just select the best one among them and write your name or besties.

Create A Best Amazing Effects On Your Photo

Once you download and active the app, (app link below provided) inside app you can see many options with best effect category, your favourites, photo background effects, etc.

Now select any one Effect name nad write your name on the text box and enter before you apply the effect on your photo you must turn on the internet connection.

This app required internet connection.


  • You can directly save the edited photo to your gallery.
  • Very easy operation.
  • Editing options available.
  • You can set frames.
  • Focus, extra names adding, etc any features available.

Download the app now.

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