Hiboss, Earn Free fire Diamonds From Android App

Dear friends, we are constantly introducing new apps for you. Today in this article I will give you the full details about Hiboss APP which is gaining popularity as a new application that can be used to get the much awaited Free Fire Diamonds.

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How To Make Diamonds In Free Fire Game Using Android App, Hiboss

This Hiboss app is also like a kind of application.
It is now possible to make unlimited money by inviting others through the application. This application can be used as a resale or wholesale. Through this application you can also get Rs 150 Paytm or Bank Cash for each referral. All you have to do is share this Hiboss app application with friends, family and others.

How to make diamonds in free fire game app
Hiboss app is known as the best selling application in India.
The application has already reached over 5 lakh users through the Google Play Store. Also received a 4.1 rating. This Hiboss app is used to get quality products at wholesale prices through cash and delivery system.
This application is going on to make the most money online in India these days. Also offering good offers for newcomers. For example download the APK of this Hiboss app to get instant 30 days VIP access and Paytm cash back offer. Next, sign up and get ₹150.
Click the video below to make money with this Hiboss app.


How to sign up with Hiboss app: –

How to create freefire diamonds using app

1. Open the Chrome browser from your mobile and open the following link.
2. Now go to the let’s register and download soon section.
3. First enter your mobile number and click on Send option for OTP.
4. Enter the OTP you received and click on the Confirm option.
5. Now click on ‘Download Hiboss Application’.
6. Open the app after downloading.

Download the app

7. Allow all permissions. Enter your mobile number.
8. Enter OTP for login and click on ‘Continue’ button.
9. Then click on the Next button and click on “Start to Earn”.
10. Now try to answer six easy questions. To do this, click on the “Go” option.
11. ₹ 16 Paytm Cash is available upon completion of Answer.

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