#1 Best Alternative App For Whatsapp || Signal App Download

Whatsapp Alternative app in India :- The Signal app is also one of the most popular fast messaging platform currently available to adapt to changing circumstances.
Similar to the WhatsApp Messenger app currently in use around the world, this signal private messenger app also works with superior features. Also securely deliver private message to others with end to end encryption.

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App Like Whatsapp India || Signal App

This signal messenger app is very useful for users who have been with WhatsApp’s privacy process since last week and do not accept its update details.

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How to download Signal Private Messenger app as an alternative to WhatsApp just for you today? How to setup? And will explain in this article about its use.

How To Download Signal Private Messenger Application: –

The good news for you is that this signal app is available on Android and iOS operating systems. The signal, however, works on the iPad as well as the private messenger application, similar to WhatsApp. Signal app accuratly working for available devices.

For Android users: –

First go to the Google Play Store. Search for songs by typing signal.
Now install the signal app.


For IOS users: –

First go into the Apple App store.
Search by typing signal in the search bar.
Now click on the get option to download the signal application.

How to set up signal private messenger application: –

Below I will explain step by step the easy methods for this.
1). First open the Signal application on your smartphone and press the Continue button.
2). At this stage do some of the required permissions that are asked on the screen OK.
3). Enter the phone number you want to use the signal messenger application here and confirm.
4). Enter your name after confirmation. setup application.
You can set up the Signal Private Messenger app on your Android in the simple ways mentioned above.

Download For IOS

How to send messages in signal private messenger app: –

1. Tap on the “Pen” symbol in the bottom right corner of the Signal app.
2. If you select the option Introduction here, a new window will open.
3. type message and send.
4. This signal can easily send any message, photo, video or any other multimedia content to anyone for free using the Private Messenger app as follows.
Click on the “+” symbol in any window chat. Here you can select Gallery, GIF, Files, Contacts and Location options. Tap on the appropriate option depending on the item you want to send. That means you can select the file photo and video option you want to send and send it to others for free.

How to Make calls using Signal Messenger app?

In the chat window for the Signal Messenger app, you need to click on the audio or video call symbol to call others. This way you can also make calls to others for free.

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