How To Download Your Aadhar Card In Mobile Easily

Aadhar card is the most important ID and its playing main role in India, so, most of the people asking us how to download aadhar card easily in our mobiles? So today we are here with the best tutorial on how to download aadhar card easily and freely in your mobile phones.

How to Get Your Aadhar Card In Your Mobile Phones

Sometimes you may forget your aadhar ID at homes or somewhere or may you lost, then how? Today you can get the solution for that so keep reading the article.

In case if aadhar cad most argent and you haven’t what you will do, My answer is, download your aadhar card on your mobile phone. If you have any android mobile you can download easily.

Today we will give a clear solution on how to download aadhar card direct to your SD card.

Download Your Aadhar Card

Now you can easily download your aadhar identity proof for that you must have download an app, the app link also provided below.

Follow the step by step procedure to download aadhar card.

  • First, download and install AadharApp.
  • After open the app you can observe a lot of options like verify aadhar, verify the mobile number, etc.
  • Now click on the download aadhar.
  • Enter your aadhar number and captcha for security purpose.
  • Click on get OTP after few seconds you will receive an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and continue.
  • Select File type PDF or Doc etc.
  • Now it will ask a password.
  • Password is first 4 letters in your name and date of birth year.
  • Example is VENK1997
  • Password must have in capital letters and without space between name and year.
  • Your Id Downloaded.

Features of AadhaarApp

You can download anytime from anywhere through your mobile. No need to visit any Meeseva or internet center. This type Completely free.

App Information

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Final Words:

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