Download 5 Different Apps For Android

Download different apps for various purposes. Download these free apps from this paper. Best, unpopular apps, unnoted apps.

The apps list,

  • WABox – Tool Kit App For Android
  • Free stories, Audio stories and books
  • Simple photo widget
  • Logify – whatsapp tracker
  • Launcher iOS 14 app

Latest top useful apps for Android, check apps

Apps For Android Mobiles

Now we will check 5 apps, one by one.

First App Wabox

One app 8 features are introduced in this app. Direct chat Without saving contact number, status saver, check deleted messages, etc.

Every Whatsapp user likes Status saver, you can save best status which uploaded by your contacts.

Sometimes you have to know the deleted messages, in that case this app so much help you.

Download the app.

Free stories, Audio Stories, book App

Second app, you can read 20 + lak books, novel, the app size only 12 MB size. You can read all novels and books, at free of cost. Really a great feature. Supporting12 languages.

Download the app.

Simple Photo Widget App

Set your photos on each homepage. You can select various phots to different pages. Very stylish features. You can enjoy thai features by setting various favourite images . The App size only 2.5 mb.

Download the app.

Logify Whatsapp Tracker

Do you want to check your kid or wife whatsapp online status, you check offline, online status through this app. This so much helps you to control your kids and wife’s, lovers, etc.

Download the app

Launcher iOS 14 for Android

Do you want enjoy iOS interface on your android mobile. Really this is an opportunity to atleast enjoy iOS interface.

Download iOS 14 launcher and install in your phone.

Download the app.

5 apps explained, you can check our demo tutorial also. Enjoy these new launched and old best apps. Thank you so much friends.

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